“Hosanna!” 4/13/14 @ 10 AM

It is an exciting celebration and Jesus is coming to Jerusalem and there is a crowd jamming the streets. I want us to take a look at some of the people along those streets...maybe some of those people represent you! Come along and join with us … [Read More...]


“Building Your Life in a Storm” 4/6/14 @ 10 AM

Powerful!!!! I will be speaking from three of the most powerful verses spoken by Jesus! This passage will make you nervous. Building your life in a storm means doing what Jesus tells you as a follower of Christ. We will also talk about rocks and sand … [Read More...]


“How To Control Your Thoughts” 3/30/14 @ 10 AM

This is a big one! Thoughts are powerful elements than can often deliver our success or failure in life.  The battle with our thoughts is often waged in our mind. Tis is a message loaded with biblical insight on how to achieve victory over our … [Read More...]

Noah's ark

“Noah’s Ark” – 3/23/14 @ 10 AM

The book of Genesis presents to the reader one of the most stark contrasts between good and evil...the people of Noah's day and Noah himself. Can you picture the swarm of humanity around that ark when the rain started to fall? This is a bold, … [Read More...]

hard hearts parable, the_std_t_nt

“How To Guard Your Heart”

How do intelligent people manage to get their lives in such a mess? This is a message of hope and follows the lives of four Old Testament personalities...Samson, Solomon, Lot, and Asa. Interesting people and all paying a high price for their … [Read More...]


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8:45 AM - Sunday School
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Camp Scholarship Forms

Beginning this year, each camper will be required to submit the attached scholarship application by May 1, 2014, in order to receive scholarship assistance from the church. The scholarship form can be found Here. If the chosen camp costs less than $250, a $100 … [Read More...]

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Take a look at our youth calendar for all our activities this month for Radical and Ignite (7th-12th Grade). If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Russ @ … [Read More...]